E3 English Writing Competition Launches!

The first e3 project English Writing competition was launched on the 27th of October and was announced via Twitter and Facebook. The competition is currently open only to e3 learners and we have already had submissions given in by learners.

There are 2 categories in which learners can take part in: 50 words story or the 500 words story category. There is a £50 cash prize for the winner in each category. The competition ends on the 10th of December and we hope to release news of the winner by the 15th of December.

The aim and hope in doing this competition is to raise the confidence of learners and boost self-esteem in their spoken and written English language skills. The key judging criteria is not on the grammar or spelling but rather the content and story they are sharing.

We strongly encourage all e3 learners to get involved and we greatly anticipate reading all the entries we receive.

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