OSCA is an innovative charity organisation running free services for residents in East London. Our aim is to provide support services for the Somali community in the East End of London to access opportunities, strengthen a relationship with mainstream service providers to create social changes.  |  @OSCA_ORG


APASEN is a leading charitable organisation in East London, serving the needs of people with learning & multiple disabilities, their carers and family.  |  @APASENTH

Limehouse Project

Established in 1984 by a former Head Teacher, a Councillor and a local Community Worker, the Limehouse Project continues to strive to meet the needs of local communities throughout Tower Hamlets. We work on a simple ethos established by our three founders: through the empowering of one, we can empower an entire community.  |  @the_LHP

Evelyn Oldfield Unit

The Evelyn Oldfield Unit is an independent, membership-based, charitable organisation. We aim to provide, develop and coordinate specialist aid and support services for established Refugee and Migrant Organisations in order to increase their capacity and potential for meeting the needs of their communities.  |  @EvelynOldfield

J-GO Training

A Social Enterprise providing organisational and individual training services J-go specialises in helping Community and Voluntary Sector organisations to increase their capacity and achieve their mission goals.

J-go Training also adds value to CVSO projects and programmes across London, using disruptive technologies and software to provide value-for-money solutions that deliver exponential outcomes across the capital.