E3 Stage II Launches

Last Tuesday, on the 23rd of September, the e3 Project celebrated the achievements of its learners with the launch of the e3 Learning Community and the introduction of the SEC groups at the Oxford House in Bethnal Green. Over the course of the next two days, the Stage II launches continued with each day being dedicated to an individual partner organisation. The Stage II launches have been a great success with over 100 learners in attendance so far with more expected to attend the Apasen launches on the 2nd of October and the 9th of October. Launch events will continue over the next few months up til Christmas to enable all 550 learners to take part in the workshops on offer.

The Hot House Flowers, a group of advanced e3 learners, have also been a source of great help during the launches with many of them taking on the role of workshop leaders and helping to inspire other ladies on the e3 project to believe in themselves and their abilities.

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