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  1. Aazu 13 June, 2015 at 04:14 Reply

    In my opinion I beviele that one of the biggest issues for English language learners would have to be deciding which parts of their language they would like to retain and how much English they would want to add to their native tongue. What I mean by this is relating to the topic of is it a difference or is it a disorder? For instance some people from other cultures do not have the same sounds as we do would they want to add those sounds or retain their native culture’s sounds or both. How far from their native language would they want to stray if it is just a difference? In terms of addressing this issue, if it was just a difference I would leave it up to the person and if it was a disorder I would on their native language first before attempting to add English in. Another issue that might arise would be learning those sounds that we have in English that they might not have in their culture. Learning a new sound is hard enough when you are a child, but when you are in college in an exchange program and are trying to learn a new sound that your culture does not use it can be quite a challenge. To address this issue I would gradually start with auditory training so their ears could get used to the sound. Then I would progress to the sound in isolation and gradually keep going until they could use the sound in their everyday speech.

    • E3 Team 22 June, 2015 at 15:23 Reply

      Thank you for your great suggestions Aazu, we will definitely look into how we can best utilise the suggestions you’ve made.

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