E3 Project hosts a Mozilla Maker Party

E3 Project hosts a Mozilla Maker Party!

Last Thursday, on the 11th of September, we held a Maker Party with a group of our Hot House Flowers (a group of ladies who have for the most part, completed the e3 learning material, and are keen to move on to the second phase of the project – the second phase of the project includes the introduction of the online e3 learning community).

The Maker Party was a chance to develop digital skills and to benefit from the free resources offered by Mozilla to all Maker Party events. As part of the event, the learners created a meme and all participants received a certificate to celebrate their participation in the event.

The group of learners who make up the Hot House Flowers group have also been meeting up every week in order to meet other learners and use what they have been learning. These meetings, which have been facilitated by the e3 Partnership, have led to the production of a leaflet aimed at educating parents of the dangers of the internet for children. The leaflet was the result of learners, who mostly consist of mothers, sharing stories of friends and family members for whom a lack of internet protection for their children has led to several tragedies.

Though the e3 partnership was keen in providing support, the content and direction of the project was primarily learner led.

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